No Known Safety Concerns Related to this Recall

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Bausch + Lomb is conducting a voluntary recall of certain lots of Biotrue® contact lens solution, ReNu® MPS Multi-purpose solution sensitive eyes, ReNu® MultiPlus contact lens solution, Boston® cleaner, Boston® conditioning solution, Boston® Simplus Multi-Action contact lens solution, Sensitive Eyes® contact lens solution, EasySept® contact lens solution, Ophtaxia® eye wash solution, Sensitive Eyes® eye lubricant solution and associated private label brands that were manufactured at its facility in Milan, Italy. These lots are being recalled from consumers, pharmacies, eye care professionals, retailers, distributors and wholesalers.
This voluntary recall is being conducted in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia/CIS, Hong Kong and China, although the certain lots of Ophtaxia® eye wash solution are only applicable to France and Hong Kong, and Sensitive Eyes® eye lubricant solution to Hungary, Bulgaria and South Africa. Additionally, the only product being recalled in China is Boston® Simplus Multi-action contact lens solution.
This voluntary recall follows a notification received by Bausch + Lomb from one of its third-party suppliers in Milan, Italy, which sterilizes some components (bottles, plugs and caps) of these products prior to manufacturing in our facility in Milan, Italy, of a compliance issue with its sterilization process. Bausch + Lomb is one of many companies impacted by this situation.

The health and safety of everyone who uses our products is our utmost priority. While there is a low risk of infection with these products, Bausch + Lomb has chosen to voluntarily recall these certain lots  of products because we cannot confirm the supplier’s conformance to process compliance requirements for some of the components of these products. No serious adverse events have been reported to date in association with this issue.
No other Bausch + Lomb products or lots are affected by this recall.

ReNu MPS contact lens solution.jpg
ReNu Multi Plus contact lens solution.jp
Boston Simplus Multi-action contact lens

Retailers, pharmacies, eye care professionals, distributors or wholesalers who have purchased products directly from Bausch + Lomb, please click here for more information. If the products were not purchased directly from Bausch + Lomb, customers are asked to contact their re-seller to return the product and discuss exchange or refund options.

Consumers who may have these affected products in their possession should take the following steps:

  1. Insert your product lot number below to verify if your product is impacted.

  2. If the product is impacted, stop using the product.

  3. Follow the instructions to register your product. 

  4. After following all instructions, discard the impacted product.

How to find my lot number
See below an example of the bottle and carton labels, which contain the lot number and expiration to easily identify the product. 

Single bottle; lot number on label


Single Carton; lot number on bottom of carton

Multipack; lot number on top flap and side of carton


Multipack; lot number on shrinkwrap


Сведения об отозванных продуктах*

Даты истечения срока годности

Универсальный раствор Biotrue® (120 мл, 300 мл)

Май 2021 – Февраль 2024

Универсальный раствор для чувствительных глаз ReNu® MPS (120 мл, 240 мл, 360 мл)


Универсальный раствор по уходу за мягкими контактными линзами ReNu® MultiPlus (60 мл, 120 мл, 240 мл, 360 мл)

*Изображения в разделе «Сведения об отозванных продуктах» приводятся только для примера. Продукты или упаковка данных продуктов могут отличаться в зависимости от региона/страны.

<<affected msg>>


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For more information on the recall, for assistance with registration or to report an adverse event or complaint, consumers should contact Sedgwick, the firm conducting this product recall on behalf of Bausch + Lomb by clicking here. Consumers should also contact their eye care professional for further care and instruction related to an adverse event.

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